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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  January 29, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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oakland police and mayor jean . good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. today, damage done. oakland police and the mayor
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showed reporters damage caused by occupy demonstrators. the city says it has respected free speech rights, but has apparently had enough. don knapp is in oakland with more. >> reporter: it would seem that the city administration and top police officials have reached the breaking point, if not the turning point in dealing with occupy oakland. now, what this means in terms of future plans, they are not saying, because all we're seeing so far is frustration. mayor jean quan walked news crews through oakland's vandalized city hall and the aftermath of saturday's occupy oakland blitz. >> the irony of this room, this is a room where we have our new homeowner program, low income people get housing. and we will have experts on monday in here checking to make sure that our fire alarm systems still work because they cut the wires in the electrical box here. >> reporter: the damage came around 8:00 p.m., after vandals forced open city hall doors, quan says, and ransacked what they could in a quick hit and run. >> this is probably the worst
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damage. we think this was the original architect's model. so this is over a hundred years old. it's pretty badly damaged. >> reporter: since the october start of occupy oakland, damages total nearly $2 million. adding the cost of police and demonstration puts the figure at 5 million. she wants a court order to keep those repeatedly arrested out of oakland. >> yesterday was clearly a constant provocation of the police and a lot of violence towards them, and that's not acceptable. >> reporter: those who vandalized city hall broke off of the main group, which entered the ymca at 24th and broadway, invited in, they say, but police blocked their way, saying they broke in. hundreds were arrested. >> peace officers got into their peace mode. >> reporter: demonstrator randy wilkins got out of jail sunday morning. he claims police on either end of the demonstration at 24th and broadway left them no chance but to go into and through the ymca.
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>> we ended up going back the way we came from, then they wouldn't let us leave. they arrested everybody. >> reporter: now, we understand with all the arrests that occupy oakland demonstrators are pleading for money. apparently it's hitting in the pocketbook, trying to get money to bail some of the other folks out of jail. >> let me ask you about city hall. is it business as usual tomorrow, or is the damage excessive in some areas? >> reporter: ann, i don't have a firm answer for that. i doubt it would be business as usual. they had quite a bit of damage at city hall. they were painting walls, trying to clean up messes. they haven't assessed everything they have lost so far. if it is business, it won't be business as usual. it will be business with some difficulty. >> don knapp, thank you. also on display at city hall today, a shield police say was used by demonstrators to protect themselves from officers. >> this is the front line of the
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protest. to move or shield from any type of reaction that we would have when officers -- [ indescernible ] >> the green here are markings from our deployment. >> the back of the shield is designed so several people can maneuver it and move it as a group moves toward officers. across the country, the occupy movement seemed to have quieted down, with the exception of oakland. we wanted to know why. anne makovec asked the people living in the city about the chaos. >> reporter: starke contrast to occupy protests in other cities across the u.s. some groups have thrown in the towel. others hold daytime events at financial institutions like we saw in san francisco this month. there was an occupy protest in washington, dc last night. litter thrown at politicians,
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compared with this. >> i'm just not quite understanding why a peaceful demonstration becomes so wild and ridiculous. >> reporter: many oakland residents are wondering why here? i asked an occupy oakland spokesperson today. >> there are thousands of empty buildings in the city and thousands of people sleeping on the streets every night freezing and out in the rain. >> reporter: which is why they originally aimed to occupy a building to feed the hungry and put a roof over people's heads. there's another reason they are upset. >> oakland is one of the places that's been hit hardest. oakland lives with daily violence, not just with the police, who murder people on a regular basis, including officers, but also the violence of the system disenfranchised so many here. >> reporter: i spoke with a sociology professor today who specializes in protests. he says occupy oakland simply has the political capital to pull off the big events. they have a well-appointed website with online donation tools and a calendar of events.
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they have a significant presence on twitter and a dedicated live stream camera operator who posts video online. the group was able to gel for weeks at this encampment in front of city hall, which was raided by police in late october, then re-occupied the next day. the city then took a hands-off approach until mid-november when police again kicked some protesters out. city councilman dela fuentes thinks the flip flopping sends the wrong message. >> unfortunately, oakland has been at the center of the movement and i think that maybe partly is for, has been our fault, partly has been that we have been too tolerant of the people to come and destroy our city. >> reporter: a city of almost 400,000 people. >> we have a mix of so many different people and so many different backgrounds and so many different disagreements. >> reporter: including how to stop this, now that a pattern has begun. in oakland, anne makovec, cbs 5.
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while oakland devoted resources to the occupy protests this weekend, five people were murdered in that city. of those five, three people were killed by gunfire in various locations from friday night through early this morning. another shooting victim is in critical condition and several others are hurt. and police found the bodies of a man and a woman in their car outside their home at lake merit. police arrested a couple's 15-year-old son in connection with the homicides. in light of all the violence mayor quan points the finger at occupy. >> i'm literally very, very concerned about how constantly impacted it is. i'm very, very, very concerned. >> the mayor blames protesters for drawing police away from neighborhoods known for violence. meanwhile, a body is found hanging at the port of oakland yesterday afternoon, identified as the teenage suspect of killing a 15-year-old girl.
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police believe 19-year-old henry leon stabbed the mother of their 9-month-old daughter friday. the motive is unclear. police are investigating leon's death as a suicide. well, last chance to win voters is not the time to be nice. biting words between the two republican candidates, stumping in florida. and why the other two were absent. deadly fog in the sunshine state. dozens of crashes being blamed on bad weather. we'll show you the massive cleanup, as authorities piece it all together. outside currently, increasing cloud cover. good evening, everybody from the cbs 5 weather center. the chances of rain, and then the day that will be the warmest. pinpoint forecast, as eyewitness news continues.
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today. . mitt romney and newt gingrich made their last-minute stops and traded last-minute attacks in florida today. that state's primary is tuesday. the most recent polls show romney with a double-digit lead over gingrich, but the former house speaker says romney is not conservative enough to win the republican nomination. >> this party is not going to nominate somebody who is a pro abortion, pro gun control, pro
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tax. >> your problem is you worked at freddie mac at a time when freddie mac was not doing the right thing for people. >> that mortgage firm played a major role in the collapse of the housing market. there were more than 24,000 foreclosures in florida, making that state second only to california. also, unemployment there is higher than the national average. several stand-ins today for republican presidential candidate rick santorum. he skipped the campaign event in florida this morning to be with his sick daughter. in his place, another daughter and members of the duggar familile held a rally. and a fourth republican candidate, ron paul has not actively campaigned in florida. well, 10 people were killed in dozens of crashes in florida early this morning. several others were hurt. while we can only see the carnage clearly now, this the double threats against them.
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>> reporter: parts of interstate 75 south of gainesville were littered with the remains of dozens of cars and trucks on zahn. what was left of the trailer of this big rig was still on fire, smoke billowing to the sky. the truck behind it and the car in front were smashed up like an accordion. hours earlier in the middle of the night, more than 70 vehicles ran into each other in a series of deadly multicar crashes. dense fog combined with heavy smoke from a brush fire left drivers virtually blinded and defenseless. one woman told the local newspaper that all of a sudden she couldn't see anything and struck a guardrail. her car ended up sideways. she said that she was calling 911. she heard other crashes all around her. >> we had crashes that actually occurred on both north and the southbound side of the interstate, in that area of the road that kind of dips down that is a low area. >> reporter: police say visibility was so bad that when rescuers first arrived, they found victims by listening for
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screams and moans. fire investigators are trying to determine if an arsonist is to blame for the wildfire that has burned more than 60 acres of nearby prairie land. smoke from the fire, along with the fog forced police to close the highway earlier, but they re-opened it and soon after, the crashes began. for much of the day, all six lanes of i-75 were closed for miles as investigators removed the wreckage and surveyed the road for damage. drew levenson, cbs news. the state highway the state wants to get rid of. why cal trans wants to give it up and who it wants to take it over.
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too much to maintain. state . cal trans wants to abandon a mountain highway because it costs too much to maintain.
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state highway 39 runs 27 miles from asewssa in los angeles countiy into the san gabriel mountains. the state spends $1.5 million to maintain the two-lane highway. it's frequently damaged by landslides, flooding, and forest fires. cal trans hopes the u.s. forest service or the county would take it over, but neither wants it. farther north, restricted access could come to a families part of yosemite. it's up to 1200 people a day make the trek to the area. rangers say one quarter of the amount, about 300 people, is more manageable. roberta gonzalez in the house tonight for us. she's got a forecast that seems like it should be april, doesn't it? >> it certainly does, especially by the end of the work week. we've had no winter in the bay area. i'm still looking at the chances of rain moving into the bay area february 10th. okay. let's fire up the high-def doppler radar, because we do have a little bit of light
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precipitation. every time i zoom in on it, it disappears. let's give it a try now. we zoom into the north bay and you've got to look ever so carefully. there it is. do you see it? that is about it. a few light sprinkles. otherwise, mostly cloudy skies, temperature wise into the 50s across the board, after realizing highs today, 60 degrees at sfo, 71 in salinas, 70 in santa cruz. tonight, not as cold as it has been due to the blanket of clouds. otherwise, 30s napa and santa rosa. mid and high 30s around the tri valley. rain future cast, look how closely the precipitation wants to come to the far reaches of the north bay. just playing tag with napa and sonoma. that's about it. it's an impressive area of low pressure. it's just banking off this huge area of low pressure, undercutting the ridge, however, throwing some clouds into the vicinity as it takes that inside slider track. it will leave us with cloud cover for the morning commute
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tomorrow and then otherwise, we will become sunny, but cooler due to more of an onshore wind. then by the end of the work week, we're talking temperatures back into the 70s away from the bay. pinpointing your neighborhood forecast, 64 pacifica. mid 60s in campbell. west wind in fremont, up to 15. east of the bay, numbers stack up to about 64. north of the bay, we're talking 57 degrees, 63, and san francisco at 57 when the average high is 58 degrees. we'll walk you through the first five days with clouds back up on tuesday all due to an upper disturbance that will remain well to the north of the bay area. then wednesday's a transition day, setting the stage for high pressure to build back in on thursday through sunday with, an offshore component. spring cleaning, ann! >> open up the windows and enjoy the fresh air. >> there you go. >> and then pray for rain! >> you have to embrace it at this point. >> no kidding. dennis, what do you got?
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>> rain in pebble beach for a couple of weeks? you know who's coming in, tiger woods for the first time. trying to win before coming, and one of the best matches ever at the australian open, next.
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mai thai on the beach. an epic final between nadal and djokovic. tie-breaker, fourth set, djokovic serving for the match, but nadal fought back and won the tie-break. the fourth set alone lasted 88 minutes. he falls to his knees as the ball goes wide. it forced a fifth set. both players running on empty, djokovic in the near court trying to avoid yet another tie-break. he gets nadal to hit weakly out of bounds. so it's 6-5 djokovic in the fifth set. and here's how it ended. [ cheers & applause ] >> the 24-year-old was drained after the longest singles final in the history of pro tennis. it ends at 1:37 a.m. melbourne time and it's the joker's third straight grand slam title. tiger woods first pga tournament of the year will be in pebble beach in just a couple of weeks. today on the verge of victory in
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abu dhabi, tied for the lead coming into the final round of play. graham mcdowell on the par 3 hole. this rolls in for an ace. mcdowell finishes 11 under, but two off the lead. tiger was a shot off the pace headed to the 10th, but got wild. shot blistered, but rolls into the trap. woods scrambled to try and save par, but bogey here and he dropped two shots back, finishes with an even par 72. it was the worst round of this tournament. breathing down his neck, 117th ranked robert rock, who birdied 16, a three-stroke lead. rock was able to fend off rory mcilroy and hold on for dear life. just his second career win, 13 under par, one stroke head of mcilroy. kyle stanley had a three-shot lead heading to the 18th hole at farmers. this shot from 77 yards out, how do you make this mistake with a
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three-shot lead? 77 yards out! for crying out loud! he could still win the tournament with a two-putt from 40 feet. here's the first putt. got the line, but he's going to come up short. at this point, his knees are shaking. everything's going wrong. that's the distance between himself and a victory. but then the pressure got the best of him. triple bogey, goes into a playoff with this man. brand snedeker, he's got a birdie. this guy's got to keep it to stay alive. stanley, devastating, devastating. whatever you want to call it. he loses and snedeker wins the tournament. nhl in ottawa. no nba, no offense, no defense, just like the all-star game in basketball. red team named after alfredson after the hometown captain alfred and he doesn't
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disappoint. only shark had one assist. 12-9, team sharra wins. u.s. figure skating championship in cincinnati. jeremy abbott was the winner today. he nailed a quadruple toe loop with ease, the hardest jump in his program. in the middle of his program, his father went into convulsions and blacked out, was taken to a hospital. turns out his dad is okay. and jeremy abbott is the 2012 u.s. men's figure skating champion. that's his third u.s. title. the coliseum transformed into supercrowd bike track this weekend. the monster energy supercross circuit invades oakland. these guys obviously risking so much, stewart led in the main event to take the checkered flag. are you ready for some baseball? we are a little less than three weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training. over 7000 fans showed up at
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oracle this afternoon. the a's fans saw a good portion of the roster, able to get autographs and meet some of the new guys, including petaluma native johnny gomes. >> you don't get the opportunity to play with everybody. all you know is what you read about or what you see on tv. then you meet someone and i get it all the time. people think i ride motorcycles and eat rocks and fight all day long. then they meet me and hear me talk and they are surprised. >> one thing, good thing for the a's, but they did charge nonseason ticket holders $8 and kids $5 to get in. a's fan fest, right? i think it should have been free. they haven't been able to hold on to their all-star players. might have been a nice gesture to let everybody into that. >> and lou wolf got one-on-one time with some fans? >> yes, he did. i think he spoke for about 30 minutes. we'll have some of that on game day tonight. but you got the team kind of making overtures to san jose and oakland fans who, you know --
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no-win situation. >> thanks, dennis. city websites taken off line. what sacramento officials say prompted them to shut down city websites. that's tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. 60 minutes is next. and your latest weather and news always on have a great night.
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